Adi Kites Flux (2016)

Gear Specs

  • Year: 2016
  • Kite Brand: Adi Kites
  • Kite Name: Flux
  • Kite Character:
  • Number Of Struts: unknown
  • One Pump ?: No
  • Bridle ?: No

Available Sizes:

7 , 9 , 11 , 13

Gear Rating

  • Wind Range
  • Bar Pressure
  • Boost
  • Float Time
  • Bar Safety
  • Quality
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Gear Info

Flux is the hybrid kite from Adikite for a freeride and wave program. On takeoff, she shows a gentle and precise behavior in bar. Stable at the zenith, it facilitates the preparation of the rider at the beachstart with surfing. The wing is manageable and reactive by developing a very homogeneous power in the flight window. The raises are fluid and the rider balances easily. The Flux's good ability to go upwind is an important advantage to allow the rider to clear the beach. At the bottom, the wing behaves well, but loses quickly in the bottom of power during a major discharge. The curves must remain short enough to prevent the wing from stalling. The depower of the Flux is progressive and efficient which allows the most experienced riders to stick good rollers by pivoting on the back foot. It reassures the rider beginner in its progression, because it degasses with efficiency. It is so easy and fun for the growing public. The most experienced will be satisfied by its fluidity in its movement and precision in driving. On a freeride program, we tested the Flux in more muscular conditions with an established wind at 35 knots. We are at the limit of its high beach. Rear adjustment significantly reduces wing pull. In navigation, the Flux is more present, but without that it penalizes the control, which makes that one remains in confidence. At the jump call, we find immediately the right synchronization with the notching of the board. The levitation is average, but remains correct. If the wind becomes a little irregular, the piloting remains instinctive because of an excellent feedback. Only the unscrewer, which must be operated manually, penalizes the good performance of the Flux, but a new bar should see the light in a short time. In short, the Flux offers a potential for performance to progress in all areas while remaining very affordable at an ultra competitive price.

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