Adi Kites Axis (2017)

Gear Specs

  • Year: 2017
  • Kite Brand: Adi Kites
  • Kite Name: Axis
  • Kite Character:
  • Number Of Struts: unknown
  • One Pump ?: No
  • Bridle ?: No

Available Sizes:

5 , 7 , 9 , 10 , 12 , 15

Gear Rating

  • Wind Range
  • Bar Pressure
  • Boost
  • Float Time
  • Bar Safety
  • Quality
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Gear Info

The ADI Kite brand makes its mark on the 2017 market with the objective of offering wings with a good quality / price ratio. The Axis model, which is an open-C kite, is featured on a freestyle / freeride performance program. From take-off, the wing shows good stability in the air with a well-balanced bar pressure. The wing is maneuverable and responsive to the controls of the helm and the thrust generated by the raises is constant throughout the flight window. The development of the power is soft and offers a good feedback of the kite on its placement in flight. To trigger jumps, the lift is very correct by being intuitive, because the wing gives direct returns. It behaves accurately during the notching. It can be seen that one climbs high with a good lift even if a clear raise or a loop is necessary to make a soft landing. Unhooked, the wing is easily set back in the window and delivers effective pop. We remain under control because the relaxation of the lines comes gradually. Throughout the execution of the move, the Axis remains stable and provides efficiency for a beginner rider. In addition, if the placement of the hands is not very accurate, the wing is tolerant and will not tear you away. The slack of the lines is powerful, but remains progressive. On the side of the depower, it remains average in efficiency, but the redeck is executed quickly which helps the rider to optimize his sailing time. This is a wing for riders already knowledgeable looking for a powerful product. In summary, the Axis is a success and is part of the line of performance wings for freestyle.

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