North Cesar (2009)

Gear Specs

  • Year: 2009
  • Board Brand: North
  • Board Name: Cesar
  • Board Type: Twintip
  • Board Character: Freestyle
  • Fin Count: 4
  • Fin Size: 5

Available Sizes:

135 x 41

Gear Rating

  • Pop
  • Upwind
  • Freestyle
  • Waves
  • Wakestyle
  • Quality
Avg Rating 0.0 0 Reviews

Gear Info

Renowned for being one of the most powerful riders on the world tour, Cesar Portas has contributed in deloping a board to match his explosive riding style, resulting in a full blooded new school weapon. Designed to match the power-house approach to freestyle. Fast, aggressive and hard.

The North Cesar Pro has been fine tuned to be even smoother and more agile, while keeping maximum pop and control to get the best performance possible for aggressive new school riding.

The North Cesar Pro is equipped with a flat rocker, hard flex and straight outline with a cut-in at the tip. This combination creates a board with explosive pop, bounce free landings, early planing and great upwind performance.

The cut-in at the tips allows the tail to sit deeper in the water, giving superior grip and control in rough conditions and provides maximum power when loading the board for pop.

Thanks to the new construction materials and increased size, North are able to develop the perfect board for the most powerful and radical freestyle. The wood construction with nuclear carbon provides a massive pop, easy control and extra good riding comfort. The new size makes this board the perfect machine for hardcore landings and technical moves.

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