North Jaime (2011)

Gear Specs

  • Year: 2011
  • Board Brand: North
  • Board Name: Jaime
  • Board Type: Twintip
  • Board Character: Freestyle
  • Fin Count: 4
  • Fin Size:

Available Sizes:

129 x 39 , 132 x 40 , 135 x 41 , 137 x 43

Gear Rating

  • Pop
  • Upwind
  • Freestyle
  • Waves
  • Wakestyle
  • Quality
Avg Rating 0.0 0 Reviews

Gear Info

Our longest running model to date, the Jaime is a product of years of refinements in both shape and high tech construction and just like the man himself is an absolute legend!
The Jaime continues its legacy as a performance oriented freeride/newschool twin tip with an emphasis on early planing, comfort and speed. The stiff center and flexy tips help the Jaime retain positive grip and powerful pop for tech tricks and jumps, yet still blaze through the chop with smoothness and ease. In a nutshell, the Jaime is a stylish, high-performance all-rounder that adapts to nearly all conditions it encounters.

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